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At Pour Over Pores we specialise in identifying the best producers of natural skincare products made locally in various parts of the world and offer them to consumers who share the approach that what is good for our body as nutrition is not limited to food. Additionally, we partner with artisan producers of extra virgin olive oils that focus on organic and sustainable means. All products sold at Pour Over Pores are vegan and are not used for animal testing.


We do extensive research and test the products as consumers ourselves before planning any release of new offerings. The products sold at Pour Over Pores are not available on any general marketplace and are not manufactured by industry behemoths such as Unilever or Procter & Gamble.

Why we do it

In general, when it comes to knowing if what is in your body cream is bad for you, it’s a murky, marketing-driven world. The Food and Drug Administration oversees only certain topical products like sunscreen, and other than requiring that labels don’t misstate benefits, it lets the skincare industry regulate itself. Words like natural, nontoxic and safe have no official or legal meaning when it comes to cosmetic labelling.

Pour Over Pores' holistic approach to skincare favours healthy habits (eating well, exercising, sleeping), and has inspired us to offer products that are made of natural ingredients and therefore consistency in applying over our skin the same natural ingredients we use to feed ourselves.